Hıdrellez Festival



Hydrellez Festival

***** Location: Turkey
***** Season: Early Summer
***** Category: Humanity



It is said that whatever you wish for on that night, will come true!

"Hıdrellez", is one of the seasonal festivals of all Turkish world which is celebrated as the first day of the "early summer". It is also "day of Hızır", the day on which prophets Hızır and Ilyas met with each other on earth. The words Hızır and İlyas have since fused together pronounced as Hıdrellez. Hıdrellez Day falls on May 5-6.

There are various theories about the origin of Hızır and Hıdrellez. Various ceremonies and rituals have been performed for various gods with the arrival of spring or summer in Mesopotamia, Anatolia, Iran, Greece and in fact all eastern Mediterranean countries since ancient times. One widespread belief suggests that Hızır is a prophet who has attained immortality by drinking the water of life (ab-ı hayat), and who has reached God, and wanders around among people from time to time, especially in the spring, and helps people in difficulty and distributes plenty and health.

The identity of Hızır, the place and the time he lived in are not certain. Hızır is the symbol of spring, and the new life which emerges with it. In Turkey, where belief in Hızır is widespread, the characteristics attributed to him are as follows:

* Hızır rushes to the aid of people in difficulty and grants peoples's wishes.
* He always helps well-meaning, benevolent people.
* He brings plenty and wealth wherever he stops.
* He brings remedies to those who are troubled and health to the sick.
* He helps plants to grow, animals to reproduce, and human beings to grow strong
* He helps improve peoples fortune.
* He is the symbol of good omens.
* He has the God-given power of working miracles.

Hıdrellez Festival, that is still celebrated with grand ceremonies in Anatolia, has been celebrated since ancient times. Although it is celebrated under different names and in different times, it is possible to see the motifs of Hıdrellez in many places. The arrival of spring and awakening of nature have been percieved by mankind as a phenomenon to be celebrated. In fact, Hıdrellez, as a spring festival, has a universal character.

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the prophet Hyzyr--
it feels like he must be here,
under the blossoms!

Larry Bole

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