Tofu bean curd


Tofu (toofu) bean curd

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Tofu is soybean curd, which is made by coagulanting soy milk. Nigari (magnesium chloride) is commonly used to make tofu in Japan. Tofu is rich in protein.
Tofu Varieties: Kinugoshi-dofu (silken tofu) is the softest tofu. It has very smooth texture.
Momen-dofu (cotton tofu) is made by draining some moisture, so it is firmer than kinugoshi-dofu. It's suitable for frying.

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toffu is wrong spelling

cold tofu, hiya yakko 冷奴 (ひややっこ)
kigo for all summer

..... hiya doofu 冷豆腐(ひやどうふ)
tofu in cold water, mizu doofu 水豆腐(みずどうふ)


new tofu (from the new beans harvest)
shindoofu 新豆腐 (しんどうふ)
kigo for early autumn


tofu in boiling water, yudoofu 湯豆腐 (ゆどうふ )
kigo for all winter

..... yuyakko 湯奴


preparing frozen tofu, shimidoofu tsukuru
凍豆腐造る しみどうふつくる

kigo for late winter
..... ite doofu 凍豆腐(いてどうふ)
..... koori doofu 氷豆腐(こおりどうふ)
..... kan doofu 寒豆腐(かんどうふ)

Kooya Doofu 高野豆腐(こうやどうふ)
Speciality from Mt. Koya

freezing bean curd
toofu koorasu 豆腐氷らす(とうふこおらす)


skin of boiled soy milk, yuba ゆば 湯葉
topic for haiku

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During the boiling of soy milk, in an open shallow pan, a film or skin composed primarily of a soy protein-lipid complex forms on the liquid surface. The films are collected and dried into yellowish sheets known as tofu skin or soy milk skin. Because it is derived directly from soy milk, the name tofu skin is technically inaccurate.

Yuba is mostly used in the cuisine of Kyoto.

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Koya San in Wakayama (Kooyasan 高野山)
Gabi Greve

A place where the monks prepare Freeze-Dried Tofu.

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yudoofu ya inochi no hate no usuakari

hot tofu -
at the end of my days,
a faint light

Kubota Mantaroo 久保田万太郎

Kubota lost his first wife and his son commited suicide. He married again but that did not last. His third wife also died and he spend his old age quite alone. The faint light is shining from the Paradise of the West, where the souls reside after death.

Haiku about Amida Buddha in the Paradise of the West
by Gabi Greve


yudoofu no mannaka ni aru kokka kana

in the middle of
sizzling tofu
a nation

Kubota Sumio 窪田澄夫 (くぼたすみお) /
source : Tr. Fay Aoyagi 久保澄雄


paneer or tofu --
the spirit of haiku
is in the flavour

Dalip Daswani, India

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***** Sesame Tofu (gomadoofu 胡麻豆腐)

***** Food from Japan (washoku)



Anonymous said...

Tofu Haiku Contest
©2007 Toronto Vegetarian Association.

1st place

after cocktails–
she stirs tofu
into his salad

Terry Ann Carter
Ottawa, Ontario

Who would have thought tofu could be erotic? But the action of stirring tofu into salad definitely has that overtone in this poem, and we wonder what the evening’s dessert might be.
~ Michael Dylan Welch

The haiku is perhaps the least likely location for a serious, lascivious pun, but to keep the form light with laughter is to keep it alive and thriving. This piece connects the sensual experience of dining with the more libidinal sport of seduction. However innocent its coy euphemisms may read, by the end of this short poem tofu seems suddenly sexy.
~ Gregory Betts

2nd place

weedy bean flower
flavored breeze, distilled
chilly sponge

Michelle Lewis,
Minneapolis MN

The haiku is such an old form that poets attempting to replicate the achievements of the past can be easily crushed under the weight of its ancient lineage. Writing today, however, presents other demands on all literary forms that oftentimes contradict the older voice. This poem, in telling the story of tofu from field to its last moments in preparation for a feeding frenzy, sidesteps the pitfalls and combines the ancestral heritage of the form with a contemporary splash of novelty.

Though ostensibly a nature poem, this short piece also reminds us of the process our food undergoes before hitting the table, of the industry behind it. Household sponges were once the corpses of sea-creatures, but are now entirely synthetic industrial products.

The ‘chilly’ comparison in the last line between tofu and the sponge presents a poignant reminder to remain aware of the distillation process of our food. Just another reason to insist on organic tofu at the supermarket!
~ Gregory Betts

3rd place

daylight saving -
the pattern of muslin
on a tofu block

Patricia Prime,
Auckland, New Zealand

This fine poem exhibits close observation — all vegetarians know that pattern of muslin! It also has a deft two-part juxtapositional structure that the best traditional haiku employ, as well as a seasonal reference (when we change our clocks for daylight saving time). The objective description enables readers to feel the experience for themselves, and have their own emotional reaction, whatever that reaction might be.

For me, the time of year when we change our clocks is a time of transition between seasons, perhaps a more sombre or reflective time, and something about the pattern of muslin on tofu echoes that contemplativeness. Nicely seen.
~ Michael Dylan Welch

4th place

This tofu is a raft
wandering free
in a soy sauce tsunami.

Matias Blei
Buenos Aires, Argentina

5th place

in my first apartment
a white cube wiggles
bought for a dollar

Martin Francisco
Azusa, California

The word ‘first’ makes this poem. We know that the person in the poem doesn’t have much money, and is making the most of it with a white cube of inexpensive tofu. Yet he or she still enjoys its wiggle, a small wiggle of celebration for securing that first apartment and the independence that it brings.
~ Michael Dylan Welch

6th place

on our first date

Tony A Thompson
Lufkin, Texas

.........Honourable Mentions

Cool morning awakes
Tofu crumbles past fingers
Pan sizzles and smokes

Russell Massmann
San Francisco, California

This haiku conveys the experience of waking up - but there’s a tangible urgency to the preparation of this breakfast.
~ David Alexander, Tofu Haiku Coordinator

Summer storm
Drifting in her soup
Clouds of tofu

Fae Desmond
El Cajun, California

a vee of geese
tofu and fried noodles
for one

Beverly A Tiff
New Haven, Conneticut

Is tofu a solitary food? Often it seems to be. The migrating geese are a dependable seasonal phenomenon, and when we see them, we are prone to examine ourselves, to think about where we might rather be, both physically and metaphorically, in our lives. And here the poet is preparing a simple meal for himself or herself, and notices the migrating geese.
This poem has a feeling of melancholy sadness to it, something like the wabi or sabi of many traditional Japanese haiku. ~ Michael Dylan Welch

Raw Arctic wind
bites into the bones,
a sharp knife cuts into a tofu block

Kamal Parmar,
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

In water it comes,
jiggling on the cutting board
nourish herbivores.

Kyle den Bak
Ottawa, Ontario

Honourable Mention - Kids

Tofu Is Soybeans
Soybeans are so good for you
So Tofu is Too

Catriona Dever, 7
San Francisco, California

Tofu O Tofu
Like sweet strawberry Blossums
Always a pleasure

Katelyn Sky Dever, 10
San Francisco, California

Good in pumpkin pie
It is so yummy in shakes
Great in a burger!

Tyler Amano-Smerling, 7
Torrence, California

Can be cut in cubes
Is sometimes used for salads
I like it a lot!

Tyler Amano-Smerling, 7
Torrence, California

Anonymous said...

yudôfu no hitotsu kuzurezu owari made

simmering tofu
one of them keeps its shape
until the end
Shuoshi Mizuhara

Tr. Fay Aoyagi


Anonymous said...

yudoofu ya zense no kioku hitotsu mo nashi

simmering tofu —
not even one memory
of my previous life

Sugiyama Hisako

Tr. Fay Aoyagi