Fatsia blossoms (hana yatsude)



Fatsia japonica blossoms (yatsude no hana)

***** Location: Japan
***** Season: Early Winter
***** Category: Plant


Acanthopanax blossoms

Flower of Japanese Aralia
flower of Fatsia japonica, Japanese Fatsia,

yatsude no hana 八手の花 (やつでのはな)
八手の花 , hana yatsude 花八手(はなやつで)
"Flower of a bush with eight hands", with reference to its large shining green leaves. The flower itself is not so auspicious, but contrasts well with the autumn colors of its sourroundings.

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"feather fan of a Long-Nosed Goblin", tengu no ha uchiwa

because of the form of its leaves

35 colorful autumn
© PHOTO Gabi Greve, 2007


Fatsia is a small genus of three species of evergreen shrubs native to southern Japan and Taiwan. They have stout, sparsely branched stems bearing spirally-arranged, large leathery, palmately lobed leaves 20-50 cm in width, on a petiole up to 50 cm long, and small creamy-white flowers in dense terminal compound umbels in late autumn or early winter, followed by small black fruit.

Fatsia japonica, known as Fatsi or Japanese Aralia (also occasionally as glossy-leaved paper plant, castor oil plant, fig-leaf palm), is a shrub growing to 3-6 m tall. The leaves have 7-9 broad lobes, divided to half or two-thirds of the way to the base of the leaf; the lobes are edged with coarse, blunt teeth. It is native to southern Japan. The name "Fatsi" is older Japanese, meaning 'eight' (in present-day Japanese hachi), referring to the eight lobes.

The name "Japanese Aralia" is due to the genus formerly being classified within a broader interpretation of the related genus Aralia in the past (synonyms include Aralia japonica and Aralia sieboldii). It is a popular garden shrub in areas where winters do not fall below about -15°C.
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Tengu and Daruma 天狗とだるま


Temple Tanjo-Ji, Okayama

34 breathtaking RED

At Temple Tanjo-Ji, 2007

33 splendor in RED

fatsia blossoms -
fairyland temple
fairyland Japan

© PHOTO and haiku, Gabi Greve, 2007


shuugoo wa yabusame doori hana-yatsude

the rendezvous is
at *Yabusame street...
fatsia flower

© ((Suzuki Yuriko))

*Yabusame is a type of Japanese archery, one that is performed while riding a horse. The archer shoots a special "turnip-headed" arrow at a wooden target.This style of archery has its origins at the beginning of the Kamakura period. Minamoto no Yoritomo became alarmed at the lack of archery skills his samurai had. He organized yabusame as a form of practice.


umi chikaki ryohtei hisoto hana yatsude

restaurant near the sea --
quietly blooms
Fatsia japonicas

© SHU NISHIGAKI (1919 --1978)
Tr. Masako Takahashi


kumori nochi ame no ichinichi no hana yatsude

clouded, later
rain the whole day ...
fatsia blossoms

© Kazuhiko Nakajima, 2005
Tr. Gabi Greve

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