Winter preparations outside



Winter preparations outside

***** Location: Japan
***** Season: Winter
***** Category: Humanity


A lot of preparations have to be done for winter.
The house has to be made warm and cosy. Protection from snow and cold is very important in Northern Japan, where the snow reaches many meters and has to be dealt with properly.

. Winter
heating, blankets, warm clothing, snow shoes and more


Early Winter

fuyugamae 冬構 (ふゆがまえ)winter preparations

kazeyoke 風除 かざよけ wind guards
kazegaki 風垣(かざがき) wind-protecting hedges
kazegakoi 風囲(かざがこい)
Some houses in Northern Japan have very high hedges (防風垣) on three sides around the house.
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kitamado fusagu 北窓塞ぐ (きたまどふさぐ) closing the north window and more about windows

mebari 目貼 (めばり) sealing the windows
sukimabari 隙間張(すきまばり)sealing the small apertures (where the cold wind might come in)
Japanese wooden houses are full of small slits around the sliding windows and sliding doors. In winter they are all sealed quite carefully with strong paper.

shimoyoke 霜除 (しもよけ) frost protection
shimo ooi 霜覆(しもおおい)shimogakoi霜囲(しもがこい)
Many homes have extra wooden protections against snow and cold. The north walls and windows are sealed tightly.



haka kakou 墓囲う (はかかこう) protecting the graves with an enclosure

yabumaki 藪巻 (やぶまき) putting straw mats around bamboo and underbrush to prevent it from breaking under heavy snow
..... komomaki 菰巻(こもまき)
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yukigakoi 雪囲 (ゆきがこい) snow protection
..... yukiyoke 雪除(ゆきよけ)protective fence against snow
yukigaki 雪垣(ゆきがき)snow-protecting hedge

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yukigomo 雪菰(ゆきごも)snow protection for flowers

SNOW-related kigo about human activities in winter

shoveling snow, yukikaki 雪掻 (ゆきかき) and many more


Late Winter

CLICK for more protectiongangi 雁木 (がんぎ ) wooden snow protection roof along the road
gangi ichi 雁木市(がんぎいち)
market selling wood for the gangi
In the parts of Japan with heavy snowfall, the roadsides were protected by long roofs, which were supported by strong wooden pillars to carry the heavy load of snow. They form a place where people can walk safely during winter time.


sugamori すが洩り (すがもり) leeking of melting icewater
... suga more すが漏(すがもれ)
suga is dialect of Northern Japan. Snow and ice around the home begin to melt and leek throught the apertures in the roof or windows or below doors.

kokubunji sugamori ato no doo no kabe

Temple Kokubunji -
the walls of the hall show remains

of leeking meltwater

Himori Mume 日守むめ


All Winter

fuyugomori 冬篭り winter confinement, winter isolation

fuyu yakata 冬館 (ふゆやかた) large home in winter
usually a home in Western style.

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Wind-cutting sickle at the temple Horyu-Ji 法隆寺
kazakirigama 風切鎌 (かざきりがま) "wind-cutting sickle"
A sickle is put up on a long pole or on the roof to "cut the strong north wind" and protect the home.

sukimakaze 隙間風(すきまかぜ) wind through the small apertures of a building
..... himamoru kaze ひま洩る風 (ひまもるかぜ)

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Gabi Greve - Darumapedia said...

- sugamori -

sugamori no ato toko no ma no kabe ni ari

leaks from melted ice
make patterns on the wall
of the tokonoma . . .

Takizawa Iyoji 瀧澤伊代次
and more about the tokonoma