Winter feeling cold


Feeling cold in Winter

***** Location: Japan
***** Season: Winter
***** Category: Humanity


Winter is a time when we feel cold and like to stay home to keep warm.


Kigo for early winter

konohagami 木の葉髪 (このはがみ) "leafy hair"
ko no ha gami (winter fallen hair)
old name for the tenth lunar month

It shows the time when leaves fall and stick to your hair if you walk outside.


Kigo for mid-winter


Kigo for late winter

fubukidaore 吹雪倒れ (ふぶきだおれ)
perish in a snowstorm

fukidaore 吹雪倒れ(ふきだおれ)

hibi 胼 (ひび) chapped hand, chapped skin
hibi kusuri 胼薬(ひびぐすり)medicine for chapped skin
akagire 皸 (あかぎれ)"red cut" chapped fingers
akagiri あかぎり
akagire kusuri 皸薬(あかぎれぐすり)
medicine for chapped skin and hands
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Especially in olden times, when housewifes had only cold water for the housework, winter was a hard time for the skin of the hands.
Schrunde, rissige Haut

kajikamu 悴む (かじかむ) frozen with cold
kajikeru 悴ける(かじける)
kogoyu こごゆ, be unable to move because of the cold
steif vor Kälte sein

shimoyake 霜焼 (しもやけ) frostbite
shibobare 霜腫(しもばれ)
toosoo 凍瘡(とうそう)
shimoyakegusuri 霜焼薬(しもやけぐすり)medicine for frostbite
..... tooshoo 凍傷 (とうしょう) congelation frostbite

tooshi 凍死 (とうし) freeze to death; die of cold
..... kogoejini 凍え死(こごえじに)
Many old farmhouses are hard to heat and nowadays, homeless come to death on the street during cold nights.

yukime, yuki me 雪眼 (ゆきめ )
"snow eyes", snow blindness

..... setsumoo 雪盲(せつもう)

yuki megane 雪眼鏡 (ゆきめがね) snow glasses

yukiyake 雪焼 (ゆきやけ)
snowbite, frostbite from the cold

having a sunburn by the reflection of sun on snow


Kigo for all winter

futokorode 懐手 (ふところで) hands in the pockets

hinata boko, hinataboko 日向ぼこ (ひなたぼこ)
to take a sunbath in winter, to sit in the winter sunshine

hinata bokko 日向ぼっこ(ひなたぼっこ)
hinata bokori 日向ぼこり(ひなたぼこり)
hinata bokoo 日向ぼこう(ひなたぼこう)
ein Sonnenbad nehmen

iki shiroshi 息白し (いきしろし) breath is white
shiraiki, shira iki 白息(しらいき)white breath

kanei, kan-ei 寒影 (かんえい ) cold shadow
fuyu no kage 冬の影(ふゆのかげ)
samuki kage 寒き影(さむきかげ)

teashi aru, te-ashi aru 手足荒る (てあしある)
rough and dry skin for hands and feet

kao aru 顔荒る(かおある)rough, dry face skin
hada aru 肌荒る(はだある)rough, dry skin
(hada are はだあれ【肌荒れ】 )
fuyuhada 冬肌(ふゆはだ)winter skin
kanare, kan ara 寒荒(かんあれ)rough and dry skin in the cold season
The air is often dry and the heaters keep the home air dry too, so many suffer from extremely dry skin (and a lot of creams are sold to help improve the condition).
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ko-no-ha gami bungei nagaku azamukinu

. Nakamura Kusatao 中村草田男 (1901-1983) .

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