School life in all seasons


School life in all seasons

***** Location: Japan
***** Season: Various, see below
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School life is an important part in the daily life of the kids and their parents.

Here are some related kigo to school and holidays that come with it.


kigo for mid-spring

nyuugaku shiken 入学試験 にゅうがくしけん
entrance examinations

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juken 受験(じゅけん)prepare the entrance exam
jukenshi 受験子(じゅけんし)child preparing for the entrance exam
..... jukensei 受験生(じゅけんせい)student preparing for the entrance exam

jukenki 受験期(じゅけんき)examination season

jukenka 受験禍(じゅけんか)hard times (during exam perparations)
..... jukenku 受験苦(じゅけんく)

gookaku 合格(ごうかく)pass an examination
..... kyuudai 及第(きゅうだい)

daishiken 大試験 (だいしけん) spring examination
(necessary to advance into the next school level)
..... gakunen shiken 学年試験(がくねんしけん)
..... shinkyuu shiken 進級試験(しんきゅうしけん)

sotsugyoo shiken 卒業試験(そつぎょうしけん)graduation examination

rakudai 落第 (らくだい) repeating the same grade

sotsugyoo 卒業 (そつぎょう) graduation
..... sotsugyooshiki 卒業式(そつぎょうしき)graduation ceremony
sotsugyoosei 卒業生(そつぎょうせい)graduating student
sotsugyooki 卒業期(そつぎょうき)season for graduation
sotsugyooka 卒業歌(そつぎょうか)song for graduation
sotsugyoosho 卒業証書(そつぎょうしょうしょ)certificate of graduation
Each student is handed it in a ceremony with many tears, since it oftem means parting with the friends and starting a new school.
Girls often wear a traditional hakama skirt and kimono.
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haruyasumi 春休 (はるやすみ) spring holidays

nendo gawari 年度替り(ねんどがわり)change of the school year

shinkyuu 進級 (しんきゅう) passing to the next grade/level

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nyuugaku 入学 (にゅうがく) enter a school
be admitted ot a school or university
nyuugaku shiki 入学式(にゅうがくしき)entrance ceremony
..... nyuugakuji 入学児(にゅうがくじ)child who starts school
shinnyuusei 新入生(しんにゅうせい)first grader
..... ichinensei 一年生(いちねんせい)
This is usually a happy ceremony with everybody expectant for the new things to come.

nyuuen 入園(にゅうえん)starting kindergarten

shinkyooshi 新教師(しんきょうし)new teacher


not a kigo but very popular in Japan

Juken fuuzu 受験フーズ  Juken Food for the Examination Hell

a lot has auspicious meanings via a pun or image

and we have

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Gookaku Daruma <> 合格だるま
Examination Passing Helper Daruma (Gokaku Daruma)

Daruma is almost identical with passing the examination.


randoseru ランドセル schoolchild's satchel
((strapped to the back))
(from the German word Ranzen)

- Shared by Hayato Tokugawa
Joys of Japan, 2012

Every child gets one, usually from the grandparents,for the first day of school.
Mostly in black and red leather.


kigo for late summer

. Summer holidays 夏休み (なつやすみ) natsu yasumi

kaki kooshuukai 夏期講習会 (かきこうしゅうかい)
extra lessons in the summer season

Lehrgang im Sommer
kaki daigaku 夏期大学(かきだいがく) summer university

rinkan gakkoo 林間学校 (りんかんがっこう)
camping school, open-air school

Summer camp.
Usually in the cool woods of a mountain forest
Sommerschule im Wald
rinkan gakusha 林間学舎(りんかんがくしゃ)
quarters for the summer camp
rinkan gakuen 林間学園(りんかんがくえん)
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rinkaigakkoo 臨海学校(りんかいがっこう)
"school at the seaside"
Here children learn also to swim and catch fish.
Sommerschule am Meer
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. School life in Autumn

. Winter holidays 冬休み (ふゆやすみ) fuyu yasumi  

Worldwide use


summer and autumn
making friends in children’s laughs
school new year

- Shared by Zaya Nergui -
Joys of Japan, 2012

Education in Mongolia
As in many post-socialist countries, Mongolia's school system, previously based on the ten-year school, has been shifting towards eleven years of education. The official school entrance age has been lowered to six starting 2008. Compulsory education is eight years.
Each school year begins on September 1st.

Schools in sum centers usually have boarding schools for pupils from the countryside. Many of these sum schools only go to the eighth grade, pupils who want to complete the secondary school then have to attend schools in the aimag centers.

In Ulaanbaatar and cities like Erdenet there are private schools, though of mixed quality. Ulaanbaatar also has some foreign-language themed public schools, for example for Russian, Chinese, Turkish, English, and German.

In Ulaanbaatar, there are several private secondary schools that have instruction in English and Mongolian, and just a few that have English-only instruction.
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Things found on the way


pikapika no ichinensei no egao kana

the shining face
of this firstgrader ...
pika pika

Gabi Greve, 2010

Firstgraders with their new uniform, hat and ransel are a pleasure to encounter anywhere.
The common expression for this joy is PIKAPIKA.


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for all seasons


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