Beans in autumn



Beans in autumn

***** Location: Japan
***** Season: Autumn
***** Category: Plant


There are quite a few beans harvested in autumn. Let us look at the related kigo.

early autumn

new adzuki beans, shin azuki 新小豆 (しんあずき)

black beans, azemame 畦豆 (あぜまめ)
ta no kuromame 田畦豆(たのくろまめ), kuromame くろまめ
"aze" are the small paths between the rice paddies, where the beans are grown.
kuromame do not need much fertile soil and grow along the paddies. When boiled with vinegar for a sushi rice, they color the rice red as with azuki beans.
kuromame sushi 黒豆寿司
Topped with some yellow eggs it makes food for festival days.
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green beans, ingen mame 隠元豆 (いんげんまめ)
ingen 菜豆(いんげん), saya ingen 莢隠元(さやいんげん)
uzura mame 鶉豆(うずらまめ)
toosasage 唐豇(とうささげ)
ingen sasage 隠元豇(いんげんささげ)
"wisteria bean", fujimame 藤豆 (ふじまめ)
..... fujimame 鵲豆(ふじまめ)
..... sengoku mame 千石豆(せんごくまめ)
kakimame 籬豆 (かきまめ)
hasshoo mame 八升豆(はっしょうまめ)
.... enrimame 沿籬豆(えんりまめ)
a kind of cowpea; a black-eyed pea; a southern pea. Most are some kind of green bean of the INGEN Type.
The ingen mame gets its name from the priest Ingen who brought the beans (ingen mame 隠元豆) from China in the 16th century.
Embassies to China 遣唐使 Gabi Greve

a kind of cowpea; a black-eyed pea; a southern pea
sasage 豇豆 ささげ, juuroku sasage 十六豇豆(じゅうろくささげ)
juuhachi sasage 十八豇豆(じゅうはちささげ)
long sasage, naga sasage 長豇豆(ながささげ)

"sword beans" natamame 刀豆 (なたまめ)
natamame 鉈豆(なたまめ), tachihaki たちはき
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Their beans are sometimes crushed to prepare a tea.



new soy beans, shin daizu 新大豆 しんだいず

"green beans" bundoo 緑豆 ( ぶんどう)
..... bundoo 文豆(ぶんどう), yaenari やえなり
also read "ryokutoo"


peanuts, rakkasei 落花生 (らっかせい)
late autumn
piinatsu ピーナツ
"beans from Nanking", Nankin Mame 南京豆(なんきんまめ)

Worldwide use


topic for all seasons

In the Philippines, peanuts are grown throughout the year, but maybe the crunchiest are eaten in summer.

Pulling up the plant
in the loamy soil
for crunchy peanuts.

- Willie Bongcaron, Manila

Things found on the way


natamame ya kaki mo yukari no murasaki no

Buson 蕪村


koohii pii -
the wonderful world
of Japanese sweets 

. Peanuts Haiku by
Gabi Greve

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