Autumn in the home


Autumn in the home

***** Location: Japan
***** Season: Autumn
***** Category: Humanity


The haiku autumn starts on August 8. Some preparations are made in the home to live comfortably through this season.

Also the O-Bon festival has many kigo related to the preparations at home.


Early autumn

aki oogi 秋扇 (あきおうぎ ) folding handfan in autumn
. . . shuusen 秋扇(しゅうせん)
oogi oku 扇置く(おうぎおく) putting down the folding fan
suteoogi, sute-oogi 捨扇(すておうぎ) thrown-away folding fan
wasureoogi, wasure-oogi、忘れ扇(わすれおうぎ) forgotten folding fan
We can express our feeling of loneliness and melancoly through this simple tool, which was so useful in summer, expecially in times with no air conditioning.
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haha no yaku sumishi to omou aki ogi

my role as a mother
has finally ended -
folding fan in autumn

Honda Fudeko 本多ふで子

WKD - Folding Fan (oogi) Japan



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akiawase, aki awase 秋袷 (あきあわせ)
lined kimono for autumn

. . . aki no awase 秋の袷(あきのあわせ)
. . . nochi no awase

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aki sudare 秋簾 (あきすだれ) blinds in autumn
. . . akisu 秋簾(あきす)
sudare no nagori 簾の名残(すだれのなごり)end of the season of the blinds
sudare hazusu 簾外す(すだれはずす)taking off the blinds
sudare osamu 簾納む(すだれおさむ)packing away the blinds
sudare no wakare 簾の別れ(すだれのわかれ)good by to the blinds

Details are HERE
Blinds, summer curtains (sudare)Japan

gyoosui nagori 行水名残 (ぎょうずいなごり)
end of the season of the washtub

. . . gyoosui no hate 行水の果(ぎょうずいのはて)
In summer you could poor cold water in a tub and wash the sweat off. Now with the cooler days coming, it is better to heat the bathtub (ofuro) again and the washtubs are put away.

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shooji arau 障子洗う (しょうじあらう )
to wash the sliding doors
shooji haru 障子貼る (しょうじはる) to paste (new paper) to the sliding doors, repair the sliding doors
shooji no harikae 障子の貼替(しょうじのはりかえ) new paper for the sliding doors

shooji fusuma o ireru 障子襖を入れる (しょうじふすまをいれる)
to put in sliding doors between the tatami rooms
shooji ireru 障子入るる(しょうじいるる)
fusuma ireru 襖入るる(ふすまいるる)
During summer, the sliding doors have been removed to make a path for more air.
Sliding doors (shooji)and fusuma in Japan

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takamushiro nagori 簟名残 (たかむしろなごり)
end of the season for patterned floor mats

takamushiro no wakare 簟の別れ(たかむしろのわかれ)
Floor mats and tatami in the Japanese home KIGO

tooroo 燈籠 (とうろう) lanterns for O-Bon

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yoshido shimau 葭戸蔵う (よしどしまう)
put away the reed doors
. . . 簀戸蔵う(すどしまう)
These reed doors are put in in summer to let more air come into the rooms and have some cool shade. They are part of the Edo culture to survive the humit Japanese summers.


Late autumn

fuuro 風炉の名残 (ふろのなごり)
end of the season of the fuuro, summer hearth for the tea ceremony
. . . fuuro nagori 風炉名残(ふろなごり)
nagori no cha 名残の茶(なごりのちゃ)
nagorizuki 名残月(なごりづき) farewell-moon
Tea Ceremony Saijiki 茶道の歳時記 

- - - - - tsuki no nagori 月の名残り farewell-moon

hashigeta no shinobu wa tsuki no nagori kana

. Matsuo Basho 松尾芭蕉 - Archives of the WKD .


fuyujitaku 冬仕度 (ふゆじたく) preparations for winter
. . . fuyu yooi 冬用意(ふゆようい)
yuki jitaku 雪支度(ゆきじたく) preparations for snow

hi koishi 火恋し (ひこいし) longing for a warm fire
sumibi koishi 炭火恋し(すみびこいし) longing for a charcoal fire
robi koishi 炉火恋し(ろびこいし)longing for the hearth fire
hibachi hoshi 火鉢欲し(ひばちほし)to want a handwarmer
kotatsu hoshi 炬燵欲し(こたつほし) to want a kotatsu
aki no ro 秋の炉 (あきのろ) hearth in autumn
. . . shuuro 秋炉(しゅうろ)
Now is the time to get out the warming tools! and get the hearth fire going again.
Heating in winter, KIGO list

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kiku makura 菊枕 (きくまくら) "chrysanthemum pillow"
. . . kikuchin, kiku chin 菊枕(きくちん)
. . . kiku no makura 菊の枕(きくのまくら)
Petals of the chrysanthemums are dryed and stuffed into the pillow to enjoy the faint smell and drive away evil influence.
Dew from chrysanthemum petals is sipped to gain long life.
These customs are from China and belong to the chrysanthemum festival on the ninth day of the ninth month, the double nine (according to the Asian lunar calendar).

kiku gasane 菊襲 (きくがさね) chrysanthemum kimono

Details are here
Chrysanthemum kiku, chiyomigusa (Japan)

momijigoromo 紅葉衣 (もみじごろも)
kimono for viewing the red autumn leaves
. . . momijigasane 紅葉重(もみじがさね)
. Autumn Leaves (momiji, Japan) yellow leaves, colored leaves


All autumn

aki no fuku 秋の服 (あきのふく)
cloths worn in autumn

aki no hi 秋の燈 (あきのひ) lamplight in autumn
. . . shuutoo 秋燈(しゅうとう)
tooka no aki 燈火の秋(とうかのあき) autumn with lamplight
tooka shitashimu 燈火親しむ(とうかしたしむ)to enjoy the lamplight in autumn
Contrary to spring, this lamplight is used for reading and studying. It has a cosy feeling of the family united in one room.

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aki no kaya 秋の蚊帳 (あきのかや)
mosquito net in autumn

kaya no hate 蚊帳の果(かやのはて)the last days of the season of the mosquito net
..... kaya no nagori 蚊帳の名残(かやのなごり)
kaya no wakare 蚊帳の別れ(かやのわかれ)good bye to the mosquito net
kugatsu kaya 九月蚊帳(くがつがや) mosquito net in September
Different from the mosquito net in summer, it is now cooler under its protective covers and cool night air is in the room. The warm season will now soon be over.

aki no yado 秋の宿 (あきのやど)
home in autumn, (my) house in autumn, a lodging in autumn
aki no an 秋の庵(あきのいお)my retreat in autumn
aki no to 秋の戸(あきのと) my home in autumn
These kigo convey a feeling of loneliness and solitude.

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aki uchiwa 秋団扇 (あきうちわ) handfan in autumn
uchiwa oku 団扇置く(うちわおく)putting down the handfan
suteuchiwa, sute-uchiwa捨団扇(すてうちわ)thrown-away handfan
wasureuchiwa, wasure-uchiwa 忘れ団扇(わすれうちわ)forgotten handfan
Handfan (uchiwa)

yagaku 夜学 (やがく) night school, studying at night
. . . yagakkoo 夜学校(やがっこう) night school
. . . yakan gakkoo 夜間学校(やかんがっこう)
yagakushi 夜学子(やがくし)night-school student
. . . yagakusei 夜学生(やがくせい)child studying at night
yonarai 夜習(よならい) studying at night, in the evening

Night work (yonabe)of a farmer Japan

Worldwide use

Things found on the way


aki no yado sabishiki nagara hashira ari

my home in autumn -
it is quite lonely but
it has pillars

Matsuse Seisei 松瀬青々
(1869 - 1937)
Tr. Gabi Greve

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Izumo kara kami kite shooji aratamaru

from Izumo
paper came and we renew
the sliding doors

Ameyama Minoru 飴山實

The strong washi paper from Izumo was especially liked for shoji.

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Wakare - Parting with friends
. Matsuo Basho 松尾芭蕉 - Archives of the WKD .



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aki sudare

shinigami no yobarete mezameshi aki sudare

called by the God of Death
I wake up -
blinds in autumn

Inagaki Kikuno 稲垣きくの
about the shinigami