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First Things done at the New Year

***** Location: Japan
***** Season: New Year
***** Category: Humanity, Observances


Does the word NEW, or FIRST, alwayd denote
the new year season and is a kigo?

There are many other New and First activities and things throughout the year.

I will try and find some here.

First things often start with HATSU ...
or end in .... SOME / ZOME.



Many things done during the New Year holidays are kigo for haiku.

More observances are here:

New Year in Japan
Buddhist and Shinto Ceremonies and Rituals are introduced here.


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first bath (hatsuyu, hatsuburo 初湯 (はつゆ) / 初風呂(はつぶろ)

first boat, first use of the boat, funa okoshi 船起 (ふなおこし)

first calligraphy (kakizome 書初め)
fude hajime 筆始(ふではじめ)first use of the brush
hatsu suzuri 初硯(はつすずり)first use of the ink stone

first chopping board, first use of the chopping board
manaita hajime 俎始 (まないたはじめ)

First Dream (hatsu yume)

first fire 初火事 (はつかじ) hatsu kaji
first burning down of a building

"first flute"
first blowing of the flute 吹初(ふきぞめ)fukizome

first green (hatsu midori 初緑 )

First Haiku 2007
. . . hatsu kukai 初句会 first haiku meeting

first Ikebana flower arrangement 生初 (いけぞめ) ikezome
..... seika hajime 生花始(せいかはじめ)
..... sooka hajime 挿花始(そうかはじめ)

first kitchen knife, first use of the kitchen knife
hoochoo hajime 庖丁始(ほうちょうはじめ)

first laugh (hatsu warai)
first smile and more laughing kigo

First Kick-Ball Game (kemari hajime) Japan

First Snow (hatsuyuki, Japan)

First Sun, First Sunrise (hatsuhi, hatsuhi no de, Japan)

First Tea Ceremony 初茶湯(はつちゃのゆ)hatsu chanoyu

first trip, hatsu tabi 初旅 (はつたび) first travel
hatsu hikoo 初飛行(はつひこう)first flight
hatsu densha 初電車(はつでんしゃ)first taking of the train
and more

First Using of the Bellows (hatsu fuigo 初鞴)
First Using of the Smithy (hatsu kaji 初鍛冶)


First View of a famous mountain

They all come under the KIDAI

First view of the landscape, hatsu geshiki, hatsugeshiki
初景色. 初気色 (はつげしき)

First view of Mount Fuji, hatsu Fuji 初富士

Hatsu Tsukuba, First view of Mt. Tsukuba, 初筑波 はつつくば

Hatsu Hiei, 初比叡 First View of Mt. Hiei (near Kyoto)

Hatsu Asama 初浅間 First View or Visit to Mount Asama, near Karuizawa Town

Hatsu Sengen, Hatsu Asama, 初浅間 First view or visit to the Asama Shrine (Mt. Fuji)


aramushiro, new straw mat 新筵(あらむしろ)
kake mushiro 掛筵 (かけむしろ) portable seating mat
Tatami and other floor mats as kigo

hakizome 掃初 (はきぞめ) first cleaning
... hatsubooki 初箒(はつぼうき)first (use of the) broom
... hatsusooji 初掃除(はつそうじ)
... fukihajime 拭始(ふきはじめ)beginning to clean

hatsu choozu 初手水 (はつちょうず) first use of the wash basin for hands

hatsu denwa, hatsudenwa 初電話 (はつでんわ)
"first telephone", first telephone call
To your family and friends, when you got a greeting card for the New Year. Also to hear the voice of the grandchildren for the first time in the New Year.

hatsu ishoo 初衣裳(はついしょう) first wearing of New Year Robes
hatsugasane, hatsu gasane 初重ね(はつがさね)
... kizome hajime 着衣初 (きそはじめ)
Kimono, robes in all seasons

hatsu kyuu, hatsukyuu 初灸 (はつきゅう) first moxabustion
... hatsu yaito, hatsuyaito 初やいと

hatsu zashiki 初座敷 (はつざしき)first use of the official living room
hatsubyoobu 初屏風 (はつびょうぶ) first use of a folding screen
Folding screens and related kigo


CLICK for original LINK
Old calendar with the 72 seasons

hatsugoyomi 初暦 (はつごよみ) "first calendar" new calendar
... shingoyomi 新暦(しんごよみ)
... Ise goyomi 伊勢暦(いせごよみ)calender from the Shrine of Ise

koyomibiraki 暦開き(こよみびらき)opening the calendar
... hatsubiraki 、初開き(はつびらき)first opening (of the calendar)
hongoyomi 本暦(ほんごよみ)main calendar
hashiragoyomi 、柱暦(はしらごよみ)calendar on the pillar
tsuzurigoyomi 綴暦(つづりごよみ)calender to scribble on
hanagoyomi 花暦(はなごよみ)"flower calendar"
makigoyomi 巻暦(まきごよみ)rolled calendar
gyoojigoyomi 行事暦(ぎょうじごよみ)calendar with the events of the coming year

A calendar was very important in olden times. It covered the auspicious and less auspicious days, the changing of the seasons and much more for the daily life of the people.

The Asian Lunar Calendar
The 72 Seasons in China and Japan
shichijuuni koo 七十二候 (しちじゅうにこう)

kigo for the end of the year


hatsu hanashi, hatsuhanashi 初話(はつはなし / 初咄)
first smalltalk, first talk
first talk to a person you meat, maybe a family member or someone on your first outing.
..... hansahizome 話初( はなしぞめ )

hatsu kagami 初鏡 (はつかがみ) "first mirror"
..... hatsugeshoo 初化粧(はつげしょう)first make-up

hatsu kami 初髪 (はつかみ) "firts hair"
..... 初結(はつゆい)first combing the hair
having the hair made up for the first time
..... yuizome 、結初(ゆいぞめ)
hatsu shimada 初島田(はつしまだ)
toshi no kami 年の髪(としのかみ)
sukizome 梳初 (すきぞめ) first combing the hair

hatsu kashigi 初炊ぎ (はつかしぎ) first cooking (of rice)
kashigizome 炊ぎ初(かしぎぞめ)
takizome 炊初(たきぞめ), takizome 焚初(たきぞめ)
wakameshi 若飯(わかめし)first cooked rice

hatsu kamado 初竈 (はつかまど) first use of the hearth (fire)


hatsuneuri, hatsune uri 初音売 (はつねうり)
first vendor of a nightingale flute

..... hatusnebue 初音笛(はつねぶえ)first nightingale flute
It is a simple toy flute made of bamboo, even now sold in Nagano.

source : popeye.sakura.ne.jp/fukushima...
flute from Aizu Wakamatsu, Fukushima
. Fukushima Folk Art - 福島県 .

. hatsune 初音 whistle for the New Year .


hatsu nikki 初日記(はつにっき)first entry in the diary
..... nikki hajime 日記初 にっきはじめ
..... shin nikki 新日記(しんにっき)new diary

kigo for mid-winter

nikki kau 日記買う (にっきかう) buying a diary
furu nikki 古日記 (ふるにっき) old diary
nikki hatsu 日記果つ(にっきはつ)end of the diary


. hatsu shigoto hatsushigoto 初仕事(はつしごと)
first work and business activities 
a long KIGO LIST

hatsu shashin 初写真 (はつしゃしん) "first photo" (taking a photo)

hatsu tomoshi, hatsutomoshi 初燈 (はつともし)
... hatsu toomyoo 初燈明(はつとうみょう)
first light offering to the Deities, Buddhas and ancestors.
Lighting a candle in the house altar.
Light offerings (toomyoo)

hatsu warai 初笑(はつわらい) first laugh, first smile
first cry, nakizome 泣初 (なきぞめ)

hatsuzuri 初刷 (はつずり) "first printing"
..... surizome 刷初(すりぞめ)
first making of a woodblock print


keiko hajime, keikohajime 稽古始 (けいこはじめ)
first lesson, first rehearsal, first practise
(of an artform)

..... hatsugeiko 初稽古(はつげいこ)
Many traditional arts have a special ritual for this day, when you greet your master and start the first lesson.

hikizome 弾初 (ひきぞめ) first playing lesson
of an instrument, usually string instrument.
..... hatsuhiki 初弾(はつひき)
..... koto hajime 琴始(ことはじめ)first koto lesson

Koto 琴 Japanese zither with thirteen strings 

utaizome 謡初 (うたいぞめ) first singing lesson
..... matsu utai 松謡(まつうたい)


o-torizome お取初め(おとりぞめ)first bite of New Year's Food  

yomizome 読初 (よみぞめ) first reading (of a book)
..... hatsuzooshi 初草紙(はつぞうし)
dokusho hajime読書始(どくしょはじめ)


during other seasons

Worldwide use

Things found on the way


kodakara ya boo o hiku no mo kissho hajime

treasured child--
his cane dragging
the year's first writing

Instead of using a brush, the child draws a character on a larger scale--in mud or snow. Shinji Ogawa, who helped with this translation, notes, "It is a Japanese custom to write with a writing brush on the second day of the year."

Issa (Tr. David Lanoue)

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